Monday, August 05, 2013

Day #17: reasons why we really don't need a blog

Every once in a while someone will express dismay that we don't blog with more consistency (I'm looking at you Cathy--you should totally comment and say hi).  Here's the thing: on any given day, we're not all that interesting. Sure, the wild-haired girls I live with occasionally do something charming and Brian has made a hobby of undergoing major surgery, but, really, our days are quite mundane.  


1--I raced Cate out of the house for camp this morning. We were racing because, of course, we had nothing for her lunchbox, so I needed to stop at the grocery store before driving across town. And I also needed to be back on this end of town for a 9am dentist appointment.  Those of you who know Cate know that she never rushes for any reason. We were held up this morning because she needed to finish an entry in her charm book.

2--At the dentist I found out I have yet another cavity. Because my teeth are made of papier mâché apparently. I swear I'm putting Dr. Myers's kids through college, all by myself. 

3--I had a productive 2 hour meeting at the Avery Research Center. Have you heard about our conference, Unleashing the Black Erotic?

4--I came home and did some laundry. Frances did the dishes.  Brian did the grocery shopping. Yay teamwork. 

5--I tried to make this for dinner, but I discovered that the bag I thought contained orzo pasta actually contained basmati rice. I went ahead and used the rice but it didn't quite work. The result: a tasty but ultimately unsatisfying dinner. 

6--the children commandeered both the house computer and my work computer to play Animal Jam. That's deeply annoying.

7--I'm making granola. It smells divine. I hope it turns out well. This is my first time trying it. 

There it is. A day in the life. 

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