Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day #14: Office Depot to the rescue!!

Text by Frances*
*commentary by Conseula

Today, during an Office Depot run for a computer, Mother* and I were in awe** (although I was the one who was mainly dazzled) by a giant One Direction display. How did my favorite band of all time know we were going to be in this specific store on this exact day? By sheer Directioner will power I tell you! This giant poster to take a picture with, the school supplies for such low prices***, the helpful employees who mocked my Directioner devotion**** all contributed to the fangirl heaven I stumbled upon.

Anyway, is was a great day at the Depot! ;)

*she knows how much I hate when she calls me "mother"
**"awe" is not the word I would use to describe my reaction 
***she would make an excellent Office Depot spokesperson
****the very best part of this whole trip is how much fun the Office Depot employees have clearly been having with the squealing, giggling, fainting girls lining up to take a picture with this giant poster