Saturday, August 03, 2013

Day #16: Charleston Pride

I love how we're all wearing our usual expressions in this picture. At any given moment of any given day, these are our general, individual attitudes about the world.

Charleston had its first Pride Parade today and the Francis-McCann family were out to celebrate.

But before I can tell you that story, I have to tell you this story: Brian and I are from Louisiana, the land of Mardi Gras and truly fabulous parades. Sadly, Charleston is not a land of fabulous parades (apologies to any native Charlestonians reading this this). We keep going to parades--the Christmas Parade, the MLK Parade, the St. Paddy's Parade--hoping for something amazing and witnessing, instead, teenagers who clearly want to be someplace else and Corvettes. Before going to the Pride Parade, Brian said that if Charleston couldn't pull off an awesome Pride Parade there is just no hope for this place.

The guys from Sugar!!

A mermaid!

This made us all giggle

Happily, Charleston did not disappoint. Everyone was in good spirits. Lots of swag was thrown and handed out (in the picture of us above I'm wearing a lei given to me by a nice gentleman who said I looked like I'd be a good a lay). Each and every person in the parade looked excited to be there. Frances saw her first drag queens. Her mind was blown. And lesbians on motorcycles smoking cigars might be my new favorite thing in the whole world.

It was an excellent way to start our Saturday morning.

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