Friday, May 17, 2013

Day #8--in which we continue to be bad at blogging

Life at Casa Francis-McCann is equal parts impossibly busy and not particularly interesting.  Which, as it turns out, is not a great combination for a blog. 

If we were a team of superheroes, or a family singing group, or international spies, or jewel thieves, then maybe we would have something exciting to report. Sadly, we are none of those things.  Instead of saving the world from aliens a la the Avengers or pulling off an impressively and needlessly complex heist like Ocean's 13, this week we:

--painted a watercolor scene of a rainy day
--saw Iron Man 3, Gatsby, and Star Trek (well worth the ticket price, though I skipped 3D for the latter two)
--led a book discussion on Sister Citizen by Melissa Harris-Perry
--made eight hand puppets
--managed not to kill our tomato plant; the jury's still out on our sunflowers 

This weekend we will clean bedrooms, and do laundry, and go to the library, and maybe watch some Dr. Who.  It's a full life. 

We're documenting these 365 days with pictures, so ill leave you the pic of the girls currently serving as the homescreen on the iPad.




claire said...

Do we get to vote? I vote family singing group -- maybe fronting as international jewel thieves --

Alison Piepmeier said...

I think your actual life sounds pretty exciting. Three movies? Woo hoo!

I suspect you could make house cleaning and things like that entertaining, too. You're a pretty good writer. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Cute picture! You could manufacture "real life drama" like the reality shows do.
I agree with Alison Three movies in one year, much less a couple of weeks = very exciting!