Thursday, May 24, 2007

Market for Niggas--Taalam Acey

I came across this video this morning and thought I'd share.


Gunfighter said...

I saw it last week, C.

Interesting, indeed.


Oh, I posted Brian's piece at my blog today.

viciousrumours said...

Thank you for posting that. One of the things that irks me the most is when I see middle class white kids running around with their pants around their ankles, hats on sideways playing at being "homies". I want to slap each and every one of them. They by the "gangster rap" and give attitude while they're out in public and they wouldn't be able to list four important African Americans if they tried. More importantly, I wonder where their parents are...and why they don't stop them from behaving like that.

Jenny said...

Just thought I would mention, the piece in this video is now on the new double disc CD "The Market 4 Change". You can find it at This is great for February one disc of socio political poems and another disc of love and erotic pieces.