Thursday, February 08, 2007

Today's Black History Minute

Tonight I bring you a fine example of why we need Black History Month. It's so we can prepare people to "just say no" to insanity like this.

You see that chain Sam Jackosn's holding? Christina Ricci is attached to the other end of it, in her underwear. Don't believe me? Check out the trailer on You Tube.

There are no words people. No words.


Alison said...

What is WRONG with Samuel L. Jackson? I actually LIKE him!

claire said...

ok -- so is this going to be some sort of twisted heartwarming story about how the mystical black man saves the poor drug addled white girl? By chaining her? And what is the deal with the title? Is this perhaps a poster/trailer gone wrong? Now words -- and yet -- what the f...??

cassie said...

Um. I thought this was a joke. You know, like those spoofs they do on _Mad TV_ or via _The Onion_. It's for real?

That's disgusting. I don't know which is worse--the black man/white woman sex bondage/slavery image or the tagline "Everything's hotter down south."


Conseula said...

To all--this is for real. I don't know what's wrong with Sam Jackson. I'm appalled.