Tuesday, February 06, 2007

In honor of Black History Month

Brian and I have decided to celebrate Black History Month here in our blog. We'll leave aside for the moment all the arguments about why relegating black history to the shortest month of the year may not be the best idea. Instead, everyday one of us will post something related to black people/history/culture that may or may not be educational, but will certainly amuse us. And since we are six days behind, here are six links to virtual places Brian and I frequent.

1. Afrogeeks
Funny, snarky, smart blog maintained by two self-proclaimed Afrogeeks (yeah, I borrowed the name from them). Consider this recent comment about the much overrated film "Hustle and Flow" :
I hated Hustle and flow, that old busta ass wanna be piece of shit movie And if anyone ever sings that It's hard out here for a pimp in front of me again, they'll be singing toothless, word is bond! WHAT THE HELL IS SO HARD ABUT BEING A PIMP? DOES IT MAKE YOUR COOCHIE HURT?

Check them out.

2. Rent-a-Negro.com
This site is legend in our house because it's the only piece of performance art Brian and I have both loved. (It may, in fact, be the only piece of performance art Brian has ever liked.) Go read it and then tell me the Democrats don't owe Barak Obama some rental fees.

3. Black Superhero Museum
Brian spends an inordinate amount of time here. Everything you ever wanted to know about every black superhero created since the dawn of time.

4. New and Notes
NPR's "black" news show (though, of course, no one actually says this). Get a regular dose of smart black people talking about something other than hip hop and the "n-word" (not that there's anything wrong with that).

5. Avery Center
For those of you who are local--an amazing archive/museum right in our own backyard. Their mission in their own words: to collect, preserve, and document the history and culture of African Americans in Charleston and the South Carolina Lowcountry.

6. Black Heritage in Charleston
And if, after you've visited Avery, you have the urge to see more real live black people in our own backyard, the above site provides you with ample links cool places to visit.

And there we are. We're all caught up. See you tomorrow.

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Gunfighter said...

Some of my ancestors were taken prisoner by the British after the siege of Charleston in the Revolutionary war.