Friday, November 10, 2006

Fun with Frances at the AME church/Voting with Frances

Before we get to the fun can I justt say how much of a surrpise it is not to have Brian pop up his head on this blog, say "Lex Luthor" and "underaged hookers" and cause a flurry of activity. Just once I'd like to be the fun one in the couple.

Anyhoo, on to Frances. After flirting with the idea of converting to Judaism (as much as one can at the age of 6) after finding out about Hanukhah's eight nights of presents, Frances has moved on. She has decided now to abandon Catholicism for the AME church. Her choir sang at Morris Brown AME on Sunday (they were host to Meminger Elem's pageant), along with choirs and dancers from other black churches. Needless to say, the protestant choirs (including one that perfomed in sign language) were much more animated and given to letting the spirit move them than was our little Catholic choir. Frances (and Cate for that matter) loved it. Frances wants to know when we can go back. It seems the somber music and reserved montone of the Catholic church just isn't doing it for her.

On Tuesday I took Frances with me to vote. She asked what we were voting on and I told her about he governor and the school board and the Family Discrimination Act. When I said we were voting to see whether or not a two men or two women could make a family together, Frances, with an adorably serious face, said, "We don't have to vote on that. That's already an 'I Can Do' law." She was very disappointed that 77% of South Carolinians apparently don't feel the same way.

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Alison said...

Conseula, I hear you about wanting to be the fun one in the couple once in a while. Boy, howdy.

Meghann Stubel and Jamie Huff said it well at one point this fall. We were talking about telling stories in the presence of Biffle, and they said, "No matter what kind of outrageous story you tell Biffle, he's got one better." You can say, "Listen to the random embarassing thing that I did!" and he'll counter with, "I've crapped my own pants in public three times!"

So true.

And I'm with Frances on the church. If I could find a non-religious multi-ethnic animated social justice church like the one Anne Lamott describes in Traveling Mercies, I might go.