Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Would my marriage survive $1.67 billion?

Brian and I saw on the news this morning that the guys who own YouTube are selling to Google for $1.67 billion. This kind of news always prompts Brian and I too consider what we'd do with that kind of money. In my mind, I'm buying a house in Hampton Park, I'm getting a red F-150, hiring a nanny, starting a charitable organization. Important is what I'm not doing--quitting my job, spending a years traipsing about the globe.

Brian, on the other hand, is sailing the Pacific in a boat he's built himself, buying WWII airplanes and restoring them, bribing unversity administrators so that I can work where ever I want to, making the Captain America movie he really wants to see.

Brian says I don't really know how to play the "if I had a billion dollars" game. It is possible, though, that I really am just that dull.


claire said...

isn't 1.67 billion$ enough to get some physicists to work on lengthening the day -- that seems like a good use of time.

I agree with you -- that kind of money would be good to do some good in the world. And to set up that cooperative housing system that would let all of us share child care (and cooking, my new bete noir, why do human bodies need so much food??)

Conseula said...

Claire--Do we get to choose the people in our co-op? Or is that not in the spirit of the whole idea?

Alison said...

The first rule for any cooperative enterprise that I'm involved in must be: "You can't kill Walter." Unfortunately, I know that if Walter and I belonged to any sort of communal living dealio, tensions would build, and we would have to have that basic groundrule established.

He is, however, incredibly handy and would be good to have around the commune.

Walter said...

for brian:

the pacific?

claire said...

well, that would depend on our system of choosing. I would say that 1) if we live in a society where not all get to live cooperatively then on the one hand we do get to choose and on the other hand we have to be more careful about our choice procedure. 2) On Big Rock Candy mountain everyone is someone you would want to live with cooperatively (snort).