Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow Day in Chucktown

Current state of affairs during our "snow day"

We're having a snow day here in Charleston. There's no actual snow**, but that hasn't stopped Charlestonians from buying up all the bread* in the grocery store and closing every school and office we possibly can. The Weather Channel has camped out on campus.

Here at the Francis-McCann household, we've busied ourselves with a variety of snow day activities.
Cate, in her natural state

  • Frances is standing watch at the window and tracking the storm on her phone, waiting desperately for snow. I fear her wrath if this turns out to be plain old freezing rain.
  • Cate has happily watched Digimon videos and read books all day, wrapped in a blanket, and curled up in her Papa's chair. This, I'm sure, is her version of heaven.
  • Brian, who will happily tell you countless*** stories of being a cold and hungry soldier in various places around the globe, has spent the day mocking Charlestonians. He also, inexplicably, has decided to wear a sweater vest and an ascot to do the dishes.
  • And I, despite the fact that this is supposed to be a snow day, spent most of it working. Campus may be closed, but email and phones are working.
Work and school are closed tomorrow as well. I suppose we'll busy ourselves with board games and watching the dismay of local weather folk as they come to terms with the anticlimax of Winter Storm 2014****.

And here's a snowman, made by our own Cate McCann.

* Why a run on bread? Will sandwiches protect us from freezing rain?
**To be fair, the snow isn't expected until this evening.
***It is truly amazing how many places he's been hungry and cold. And drunk.
****Literally what they're calling it on the local news.

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