Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Still on the Road in Louisiana

from Afrogeek Princess, aka Cate
I love staying here long.  I played princesses with my cousin Morgan.  I've been a sneaky rascal in Mimi's room.  And I hate the smell of crawfish.

from Mommy
In other Louisiana news, Frances got her ears pierced.  This is her before:

And this her after:

The ear piercing went off without a hitch.  No drama at all.  My mother says it's because she was completely in charge and laid down the law. She said I'm too emotional and that Frances takes her cues from me.  No one was allowed to be emotional.  We went to the store, Frances sat in the chair, the slightest inkling of a tear appeared in her eye, my mother said that we weren't having any of that, and we didn't.  So now we have piereced ears.  I totally deny the too emotional charge, by the way.

We've eaten a lot of food, but most of it is food at home, which is so specific to my childhood and so filled with nostalgia that it loses a lot in translation.  But trust me, there's a lot of food being consumed.


claire said...

"loses a lot in translation"???!!! You didn't even try -- you have to take a stab at describing...ettouffe (sp?) banana pudding? nutria! I am totally in the dark and am now simply presuming that you are getting nostalgic about eating tuna casserole with potato chips -- or creamed chipped beef on toast.

Meryl said...

I love 'attitude'! And it's true, so often our kids get cues from us. It's just hard for me sometimes to shut emotions off. Good for you, though.
Great post, great site. My first time here and I'll be back.
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