Saturday, August 08, 2009

Questions Plaguing Me This Morning

1. Where does one buy a boy's tie for a 9 year old girl that is both fashionable and school appropriate?

2. Does being vegan really mean giving up butter and cheese? That seems like torture. (Especially after seeing Julie and Julia last night with Alison and watching people having near orgasmic reactions to butter.*)

3. Why isn't erotica aimed at black female audiences better written? I applaud Zane for trying to fulfill each and every erotic literature wish black women seem to have, but man, does she need a good editor.

*As in our last trip to our local arty movie theater, Alison and I scanned the crowd to see if I were indeed, again, as usual, the only black person in the room. In fact, we spotted one other black woman, someone Alison knew. Which, I think, says, something about Alison.


Claudia said...

Although I can't comment on #1 or #2 (Frieda is the vegan in our family!), with regards to #3 - I completely agree with how poorly Zane is written, edited, etc. Perhaps it is a sign of how desperate her audience is to see themselves portrayed? (I have a similar theory about the whole 1980s-90s trend in popular black art when folks were willing to buy any image with a black face - African kings/queens, MLK, Tupac, praying black babies on the toilet).

How are you distinguishing between "erotic" and "romance" in your project? It sounds fascinating. I have a lot of appreciation for Beverly Jenkins. She's genre fiction, but more *stimulating* and better written than Zane (in my opinion).

evf said...

What a great blog! I can't comment on 1 & 3, but speaking as a vegetarian rather than a vegan--Yikes! It does and its a horrible way to live (at least for me, growing up in WI with cheese growing on the trees)