Thursday, April 02, 2009

Afrogeek Mom Goes to the Spa

There has been a lot of silence around these parts lately. My only excuse is that life sometimes really just sucks. The latest suckiness in our lives resulted in us having to buy a new car. Now, while riding around in a car in which everything works as it should when it should doesn't suck, having to pay for it kind of does. Alas.

Today, though, I ventured out in to the truly awful weather to a local day spa to get a facial. Here is what happens when you get a facial: you are led into a room where the aesthetician instructs you to put a drape-y garment around the top part of your body; she asks about your skin problems and skin care regiment (my response: "uh, I wash my face with soap and use suncreen in the summer"--this was not the right answer) and then shines a very bright light in your face to check things out. Upon looking at my face under this very bright light, the aesthetician says, "Ill have to do some extractions today. Don't worry. Everyone has them."

My immediate reaction is, "oh, you've seen the blackheads on my nose. You'll get rid of them. Yay! You probably have some special spa scrub or mask or strip or something. More yay!" Fifteen minutes into the facial, though, I hear her say, "Tell me if you feel too much pressure." I think she means she will be pressing hard on my face as she applies the magical spa blackhead-removing potion. Oh no. The pressure comes from her literally *squeezing*, with her *fingers*, the blackheads out of my nose. Isn't that crazy?

The whole time this is going on, I'm thinking, "Wow. Brian would do this for free at home." On the other hand, that it needed doing suggests that we aren't actually going to do it at home. And my face is lovely now (I even have on lip gloss, which feels really foreign on my mouth but looks kinda foxy), so I guess it was money well spent.

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Patricia said...

Ok, so I have to stop lurking and start commenting... My name's Patricia, and I'm a 2007 CofC graduate (very late graduate- I'm 33!) from the Poli-Sci. dept. Dr. Curtis had suggested that I take your comics class, but unfortunately it didn't fit into my schedule, so we never met. In looking at your webpage, however, I found my way here and have been an avid reader ever since. The three reasons I'm de-lurking are: The spa entry made me laugh because I had the very same experience; I'm crazy excited about the Octavia Butler graphic novel too; and I went to a Neal deGrasse Tyson lecture here in Brooklyn last week for $3.00. I know you're mildly obsessed with him, and I have to tell you, he really is the sexiest astro-physicist on the planet. Please keep on with the blogging. I love reading your entries! Oh, and hows-a-bout convincing Dr. Curtis to blog? Then I could read you, her, and Dr. Piepmeier (with whom I also was never able to take a class.) That would be frakkin' AWESOME.