Thursday, March 12, 2009

Film Review: I'm Through With White Girls

Conseula: I first read about this film about a year ago. It's an independent film directed by a black woman, produced by another black woman, about an afrogeek guy who dates white women. I figured there was no way I'd ever get to see this film, living as I do in Charleston. Imagine my surprise then when I happened upon the DVD in the video store the other day. I knew immediately Brian and I would be watching this on date night.

Brief plot synopsis: Jay Brooks decides that the problems in his relationships stem from the fact that he only dates white girls. He embarks on Operation Brown Sugar to find his black soul mate. And then he meets Catherine.

Brian: I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. The afrogeek part of me identified with the character of Jay -- his being a comic book, er, graphic novel artist, and his quirkiness, but I wasn't exactly a fan of his fear of commitment, and his lack of concern for the women that he dumped. Like most male characters in romantic comedies, he had to go through the fire in order to become the self-actualized person who could commit to a relationship with a woman who could truly be his soulmate.

As for Catherine, I immediately fell in love with her. Like my wife, she was pretty, smart, artistic and quirky. What was there not to like?

Conseula: Aside from the fact that some of the black supporting characters played like caricatures (to me at least) and the special features behind-the-scenes footage suggested the filmmakers took themselves a little too seriously (this film won't really make you re-think anything about race), this movie was still adorably sweet and funny and honest. Check it out.


Shola Akinnuso said...

It's a fantastic movie and I actually thought that the movie touched (lightly) on some of the more sensitive issues of being a black geek attempting to date black geek girls in Los Angeles. It's a unique problem in a unique place, and I thought that "I'm through with White Girls" touched it with humor.

btw - I have NO idea how Consuela found that dance blog on PCS, but that's a test page and was supposed to be invisible. Not homophobic ;)

Great blog. I didn't know that you were here, but i'll be a regular reader from now on.

Conseula said...

I'm glad to hear that about the test page as I read PCS regularly. It hurt my heart to see it.

I imagine dating as a black geek anywhere must incredibly hard. My husband and I marvel all the time at how lucky we are we found each other. Who else would have us?

Shola Akinnuso said...

The difficulty in dating as a black geek explains why there are a LOT of single black male geeks everywhere ;) Especially if you've only got eyes for other black she-geeks exclusively. siiiigh...

Thanks for being PCS fans. We're remodeling a tiny bit so you'll notice a major tone shift, but don't worry. FU-Kung is the site we're launching by April first. You'll feel very much at home...

I love this blog. I'll be here all the time!