Tuesday, December 23, 2008

UPS Tracking is Evil

I have been watching Christmas presents make their way across the country. Three days ago UPS tracking was my best friend. It was nice daily assurance that the things I ordered were making steady progress to my door. Today, though, it's just evil because now, instead of making steady progress, UPS tracking shows me that my gifts arrived in Charleston at 4:12am yesterday and THEY ARE STILL THERE. Without UPS tracking I could imagine that my gifts, which are not under my tree, are in a truck somewhere in Georgia or North Carolina making their way here. But no. UPS tracking gives me the ability to know that my gifts are sitting just a few miles away in a warehouse. Evil.

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Mary-LUE said...

Did they make it? I've known the frustration that the certainty your presents won't be showing up brings. I can't decide if hope they will (w/o tracking knowledge) is worse than the certainty. Either way, presents are supposed to show up on time!