Friday, September 19, 2008

Let Me Get This Straight

If I lose my job and, consequently, my health insurance and need to go on welfare or get food stamps or Medicaid to help sustain me until I get back on my feet, I'm a welfare queen sucking on the tit of the nanny state.

But, if I reorganize an entire industry around business practices even my eight year old recognizes as suspect, I can fully expect the government to swoop and save me?

What's wrong with this picture?


jody said...

Socializing corporate risk at the cost of hundreds of billions of dollars. That's a natural outcome of trickle-down economics. Haven't we all been swimming in money since 2000?

But socializing healthcare? Are you silly? Having healthy people who might, for example, lose fewer days at work and boost the national economy.. wait, that'll never work.

Maybe if we called socializing healthcare a "bailout" or a "rescue plan" people would go for it.

Melvin said...

people paying for their own mistakes? c'mon. have you checked a map lately?