Monday, November 05, 2007

Are You a Feminist?

The nature of my job and Brian and my's politics means that Frances lives in a world in which "feminism" is a word used often and "feminists" are people she actually knows and likes. (Cate lives in this same world, but as she spends most of her time ignoring all of us in favor of wandering, dancing to the music in her head, and playing with her toes, we are unsure of how much really registers with her.)

Frances has also discovered recently the kind of quizzes that seem to abound in girl culture: are you a tomboy or a girly girl? does he really like you? are you a hater? Answer 20 multiple choice questions and any given issue of YM or CosmoGirl can reveal the secrets of the inner you.

Frances devised a quiz to determine if you are a feminist. How do you fare? (answers below)*

1. Do you like to talk?
2. Are you okay with being gay?
3. Did you get extra homework in 2nd grade?
4. Do you like monkeys?

If you answer yes to all the questions, then, according to the ever insightful Frances, you are a feminist.

*1. Obviously you have to like to talk. Feminists go to a lot of meetings, according to Frances. (How sad is it that Frances preceives that all I do is grade and go to meetings?)

2. Feminists understand that you can love who you want as long as you are happy.

3. Frances says feminists are smart and clearly, like her, would have been rewarded with extra homework while in school.

4. Who doesn't like monkeys?


Heather said...

My husband hates monkeys. He was attacked by a baboon in Thailand. Since then all non-human primates are suspect.

Cassie said...

This may be the best quiz ever. Frances is my new hero. Tell her she can have TWO pieces of candy when she next visits my office.

Biffle said...

i like monkeys. just ask alison.

Alison said...

Sadly, I do think the ability to withstand lots of meetings is probably a prerequisite for many feminists, not just the academic ones.

And NO COMMENT on Biffle's monkey statement.